What % of Comic Celebrities Who Say They're "Not Voting for Trump, But ..." Are Voting for Trump?
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Among celebrities, Hillary clearly is the favorite of all the humorless dweebs.

But an interesting pattern among the more raffish sort of entertainment figure is the “I’m-not-voting-for-Trump-but” phenomenon. For example, from Mike Powell’s profile of Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover and War Dogs, in The Ringer:

On the inescapable Donald Trump, whom he isn’t voting for but does appreciate in a misanthropic way: “At least he’s a ****ing New Yorker. Everything he’s saying is bullshit. Him finding the Bible — Donald Trump is responsible for more women having abortions than probably every man on this ****ing terrace. He has literally probably paid for more abortions of models in New York in the ’80s than all of us put together, so now he’s anti-abortion? He’s playing a role. Ted Cruz wasn’t playing a role. He was really scary. Donald Trump is a ****ing New Yorker. So, worst-case scenario, you’ve got a New Yorker in the White House.”
Sounds like a secret Trump voter.

A paradox of the 2016 election is that Hillary is actually, deep down, kind of witty. It’s just that she’s devoted her entire life to chasing after power by furthering the dominant This Is No Laughing Matter mindset.

Thus her speech today on the Cartoon Frog Menace.

Trump, in contrast, is averse to verbal cleverness, but his career is a grand meta-joke.

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