What Lies Beneath? Propaganda Artist Shepard Fairey's Orientalist Hijab Fetish
January 16, 2017, 06:02 AM
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Illustrator Shepard Fairey made a lot of money off his blue-and-red Obama Worship posters eight years ago.

So now he’s back to protest the inauguration of Trump with an example of what seems to be a growing Thing on the white left: Orientalist hijab fetishism.

Fairey, who (in case you are wondering) isn’t, has been promoting better relations with Muslims with a series of illustrations explaining that you Muslims will appreciate learning that us liberal white guys can’t stop fantasizing about how hot your womenfolk must be under those tents they wear.

Here’s an earlier series from Fairey in the same Midnight at the Oasis genre:

This will no doubt end well.

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