What Lessons Will Mr. Xi Draw From Mr. Putin's War?
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I could imagine the ruler of China looking at the current travails of the ruler of Russia and deciding maybe he won’t invade Taiwan quite yet.

  • After all, going on the offensive is hard.
  • Defenders these days have a lot of lightweight smart rockets with which two infantrymen can take out a really expensive piece of equipment.
  • You can’t trust your military men when they tell you the troops are ready and rarin’ to go.
  • The West has a lot of financial weapons.
  • Maybe we won’t be welcomed by the Taiwanese.
  • Maybe life is pretty good right now without the hassle of a war.

Or, I could imagine Xi concluding:

  • Ha-ha, those incompetent Russians!
  • What a buffoon Putin is!
  • I’d never blunder like he did.
  • My eloquent speech about the history of Taiwan will convince everybody, unlike Putin’s crackpot speech about the history of Ukraine.

You just never know with these guys.

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