What Iowa Means
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Barack Obama has won the Democratic Iowa Caucus, and that means that the voters want change, but it also means that Mrs. Clinton is going to get really nasty. Is Barack Obama electable? Seriously? Maybe not, but see if you can find a Democrat to admit it. Of course, anything his Democratic opponents do to him will be considered to have "disparate impact."

Mike Huckabee got the Iowa Republicans to vote for him. He's a lot more electable, for a number of reasons. One problem is that his politics, except where they involve pro-life issues, are indistinguishable from a left-wing Democrat's.(See Mike Huckabee And Hispanics Vs. America, August 17, 2007)

Ron Paul was fifth in the Republican Caucus,  which is to say, just about where McCain was, within limits of error. Look for the media to keep on saying how viable and Presidential McCain is, (the media themselves are actually McCain's base) and look for them to not say anything like that about Ron Paul.

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