What I Was Trying To Say About Facebook And Riots Below
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From commenter Big Bill on the amazingly well documented Vancouver riots:
The problem is cell phones with cameras.

Remember the 16-on-one black gang rape of a 11 year old Hispanic child three months ago?

The rapists took their own videos and emailed them to each other and their friends via cellphone to cellphone communications, just like the kiddie porn that white girls like to make in the privacy of their bathrooms and send to classmates and friends. Vancouver is merely a continuation of this trend.

The sheer volume of Vancounver footage is amazing. I have already seen a nicely edited four-camera-shot of the entire cop car burning episode.

The (chief of staff) surgeon dad of the arsonist apparently saw SOME of the footage of his kid, realized he would be shortly identified by others, lawyered up, and took the kid downtown.

Dad is on record as saying his kid did not LIGHT the fire. Of course the now-assembled multi-camera shot shows the kid approaching with a lit lighter.

Really, in any mob scene or gang violence situation from now on, one must assume that the entire event is being secretly filmed from multiple camera angles and that within days someone is going to be making courtroom quality trial graphics and posting them on the Internet for free.

Even scarier, all the video is tagged not only with (1) the GPS location data for proving the camera location, but (2) time sync data to prove the video cuts were synchronized correctly and (3)cell phone data to permit the police to contact the videographer of the raw footage to testify as a witness.

The evidence necessary for a bulletproof conviction was created by dozens of people at the very instant of the crime!

What a strange world we live in.

Many kinds of crime are increasingly out-of-date. Hopefully, more and more would-be criminals will figure this out, too.
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