What Chance A WASP Man For Supreme Court?
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With the long overdue retirement of dogmatic leftist Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, the country is headed for another hopefully rewarding illumination of what makes President Obama tick.

Last year I suggested:

The nomination of professional Hispanic Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court goes a long way to answering the most pressing question about the Obama Presidency:

Did America elect a racist left-winger or a left-wing racist?

Steve Sailer in his seminal book on Obama America’s Half-Blood Prince was inclined to the latter conclusion. The choice of Sotomayor supports him.

But Supreme Court confirmation battles have also become useful in educating Americans about the extent to which major national decisions have come to be determined by crude racial plunder-seeking. In the blog I quote above I went on to discuss the Jewish log-rolling which was going on for a front-runner then and now, Elena Kagan.

In a hopeful sign that the taboo on discussing the damaging impact of this on Founding-Stock Americans is possibly lifting, CBSNews.com has posted a remarkably frank discussion:

Kagan, Wood Head List of Likely Court Nominees April 10 2010

The immediate speculation as to who will replace Stevens centered on two female candidates: Federal Appellate Judge Diane Wood and Solicitor General Elena Kagan.

Federal Judge Merrick Garland…has also been tossed around as a possible nominee.

This article asks two key questions:

- Does Obama want to name another woman, or a member of an ethnic or racial minority?

- Would it matter to him, or anyone else, if the court were made up entirely of Catholics and Jews? Stevens is the only Protestant on the court now, and both Garland and Kagan are Jewish.

A lot will be learned about the future of the Obama Presidency by this decision. I had been inclined to think the next choice will be Jewish on the grounds that this key constituency has been feeling aggrieved lately and will certainly want its turn.

But further reading inclines me to think this will actually strengthen the candidacy of Chicago Judge Diane Wood, an apparently irreligious woman of Christian stock background who also has some claim to Flyover credentials. Her current husband, Professor Robert Sufit, appears to be Jewish.


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