What Can be Done about Anti-White Racist Police?
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At Larry Auster’s blog, in a continuing dialogue going back at least to August 4, 2011, he asks what can be done about police who do not care about the racist, premeditated slaughter of whites, mostly by blacks, and sometimes by Hispanics.

I think I have a solution.

Whites must create a movement to cut police budgets to the bone. Since they refuse to protect us, we must refuse to protect them.

All public institutions at present are based on the practice of seizing the maximum possible amount of whites’ assets, while denying them the institutions’ services, and even waging war on them. The only defense whites have, the only way they can wage a defensive war on said institutions, is to cut their budgets. And if they can’t do that through their elected representatives, they can do it through a tax strike.

If law enforcement officers are outlaws, then the whites they wage war on owe them no respect. (Meanwhile, the same white cops across the country who go out of their way to screw over whites, relentlessly suck up to racist, criminal blacks and Hispanics.) One must do what one can to stay out of jail, but that is not the same as respecting the law, or those in uniform.

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