WFAA's Byron Harris On Immigration
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Byron Harris, the Dallas reporter who did the expos?© on the importation of Italian Welders below, is also the fellow who blew the whistle earlier on aircraft mechanics who couldn't speak English, imported on NAFTA TN visas.

Harris wrote:

The problem with many Mexican mechanics is not necessarily their skill level, but that they don t speak or read English. They can t read the repair manuals that are in English, or communicate with the supervisors who have to sign off on their work.

"I would work with these guys sometimes and I was assigned a couple of mechanics," said one certified American mechanic who used to work for SAA. "I would help them out. But, when it came to critical issues such as operation of flight control and systems and radio correspondence, I would refuse."

See Harris's story Loophole allows for easy immigration for aircraft mechanics, [, June 17, 2009]and my blog post TN visa used to import Mexican aircraft mechanics. Congratulate Harris.
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