West African Immigrant Kills Three White People In Nottingham, U.K., Police Search For "Motive"
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The victims of a murder spree in which a black man in Nottingham UK went on a stabbing rampage, killing three, and injuring some others by running them down, have been identified.

They're all white,  including Grace O’Malley Kumar, right. The New York Post has details:

The killer is black, pictured below, and he’s been identified.

Unusually, and thanks both to Remix, and the somewhat heterodox GB News in Great Britain, we know his immigration status as well.

He’s a ”West African migrant with ‘history of violence.‘”

Here’s video from GB News:

Remix quotes Nottinghamshire’s lady Chief Constable, Kate Meynell, right, as searching for motive:

GB News’ Home and Security Editor Mark White reported on the revelation regarding the suspect’s migration background shortly after a press conference by Nottinghamshire Police during which Chief Constable Kate Meynell insisted the force was “working extremely hard to understand exactly what has happened.”
“We are at the early stages of the investigation and need to determine the motives behind these attacks and will keep the public updated as soon as we are able to say more,” she added

I think when an African immigrant runs amok and kills a bunch of white people, we can presume an anti-white racial motive, but this is something police are never willing to say in black-on-white killings.

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