Well Done, Australia—"Asylum Seekers" Returned To Indonesia
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Grand news from away Down Under.  Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a man of his word.  The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has just towed back to Indonesia two boats loaded with Muslim terrorist illegal aliens seeking the largesse of the Australian people.  Obviously lies were manufactured claiming that RAN sailors were "rough" with the terrorists.  Well, one would hope so.  

But apparently "rough" remains undefined by the terrorists and the world press as no actual description of what was rough, other than "some force" was used, even on women.

Note that touching a Muslim woman by an infidel is a crime in all Muslim terrorists' eyes.

The Guardian by Daniel Hurst January 9, 2014 

Defence  Chief Defends Navy Against Claims Of Mistreating Asylum Seekers 
The chief of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has defended navy personnel against accusations that they mistreated asylum seekers during operations to move boats back towards Indonesia. 
General David Hurley issued a statement rejecting the claims, which were aired by the ABC amid ongoing confusion over Australia’s implementation of its hardline policies to deter asylum seekers arriving by boat... 
Hurley said up to 800 ADF personnel assigned to the border protection focused Operation Resolute were “trained to operate with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity” and conducted themselves “in a humane and considerate manner”. 
His statement came after the ABC reported that two men who had said they were on asylum seeker boats towed back to Indonesia by the Australian navy said they were mistreated before being abandoned at sea.
No one died and all arrived back in Indonesia hale and hearty.
The two men were said to be speaking from Kupang in Indonesia and said to have been on two different boats that were towed back. The ABC said the two stories were “difficult to verify” but “strikingly similar”.
Strikingly similar simply means coached.
One man named Yusuf – identified as a Sudanese asylum seeker – told the ABC he and his wife joined more than 40 people on a boat in Indonesia and reached a small island off the coast of Darwin before the engine broke down on New Year’s Day. Two Australian naval ships – HMAS Parramatta and HMAS Glenelg – arrived on the scene.
And here is the rub, touching a Muslim woman:
Yusuf told the ABC the navy used force on some people, including women, while transferring them to one of the navy boats and restrained a number of people. Asylum seekers were wrongly told they were being taken to Australia’s Christmas Island and given one meal a day during the five-day towback. The group was abandoned at night in rough seas off Indonesia's Rote Island, he told the ABC. 
The second man, Marke, identified himself as Somali and was said to be on the first boat reportedly towed back to Indonesian territory on 10 December. He said personnel from HMAS Parramatta and HMAS Maitland treated asylum seekers roughly and also said they were told they were heading towards Christmas Island.
And those damnable Aussies lied to the Muslims about where they were heading:
"They told us a lie," Marke told the ABC. "When we reach, when we were nearby the island of Indonesia, they ... fix one of our machines."
And they fixed the motor.  Such perfidy!  Will Aussies stop at nothing?  Three cheers for men of Her Majesty's Australian Ships Parramatta and Glenelg!  And another round for Tony Abbott, a man of his word.
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