Welfare Muslims Lob Lawsuit against San Francisco
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In Baghdad by the Bay, a family of Pakistani Muslim immigrants is suing the city because they say the Housing Authority refused to protect them from hate crimes. The agency offered to move them to another residence but the Pakistanis refused. The couple and their seven children were receiving taxpayer-subsidized housing, but evidently that ill-gotten benefit was not sufficient: they are going for the big-ticket payoff via a lawsuit.

Is this the new immigrant way of assimilation — to absorb the culture of slime-bag lawsuits? And since when did anyone expect deluxe accommodations in Section 8 housing?

There are a lot of fake hate crime complaints to get money and for political reasons, so the hate crime gambit may be a Pak of lies.

The Koran desecration aspect is suspicious — most Americans wouldn't even think to do that. But Muslims are obsessed with the specialness of their book, and go ballastic at the thought of someone messing with their Koran.

A family of Pakistani immigrants living in San Francisco public housing was improperly denied an emergency transfer to another apartment after someone broke into their home, desecrated their Quran, defaced their passports and shredded their traditional clothing, according to a federal court lawsuit.

After the August 2005 incident - which took place during a time of intensified anti-Muslim sentiment in the country and while the San Francisco Housing Authority was under court order to better protect tenants from hate-motivated crimes - agency officials ruled that the break-in at Ashan Khan's apartment was a simple burglary and didn't qualify the family for an emergency apartment transfer, the family says. [S.F. Housing Authority sued over failure to protect Muslim tenants, San Francisco Chronicle, December 10 2007]

The comments section is not as sympathetic to the foreigners' plight as you might have expected in San Francisco. There is a lot of outrage against parasitic immigrants ripping off American social services, even from the most left-wing of cities.
ms_kitty wrote: I used to work at the Alameda Housing Authority. The overwhelming majority of our clients were foreign. I had to turn away many genuinely needy Americans, because the Section 8 vouchers all went to fairly well-to-do Vietnamese immigrant families, who all drove late model mini-vans to their renewal interviews. The used public benefits to subsidize their off-the-books small businesses. The city government knew what was going on, but what did they care? The immigrants voted for them, and the bureaucrats got bigger budgets. The social workers at the Housing Authority suspected the people who ran the agency of taking bribes from the clients. Public housing is a scam. Poor Americans are not being helped, except the occasional token American.
San Francisco has been so downright evil in the last while with its special city ID cards for illegal aliens that perhaps it is getting back some well deserved liberal karma.
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