We Have All The STEM Graduates We Need (cont.)
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Mangan’s blog links to an April 24 report out of the Economic Policy Institute, title: “Guestworkers in the High-Skill U.S. Labor Market: An Analysis of Supply, Employment and Wage Trends.”

Bottom line:  We have all the STEM graduates we need, and then some.  Mangan comments:

We saw not long ago that there's no shortage of PhD degree holders and/or scientists in this country. Now we see that in the less rarefied atmosphere of all degree holders in STEM, only half of new college grads can even get employment in their field. Only half. Yet the high-tech moguls of Silicon Valley and Seattle insist they need more and cheaper immigrant workers.

Also worth emphasizing from the report is this: “Wages [in STEM and IT] have remained flat, with real wages hovering around their late 1990s levels.”

So, with record-high corporate profits, and wages having stagnated for 15 years, the plutocrats are still unhappy.

Readers of VDARE.com knew this, of course; Ed Rubinstein’s been banging on about it for years.

Perhaps after a few more years, and a few more reports like this one, we’ll have a major-party presidential candidate who knows it.  Or refuses to pretend to not know it.


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