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Peter debating immigration with the Future of Freedom Foundation’s Jacob G. Hornberger at the Heartland Institute’s 24th Anniversary Dinner, Chicago, October 2,2008

By Peter Brimelow, Editor, VDARE.COM

We come to it at last, the great battle of our time.”

Like everyone else in the patriotic immigration reform movement, I feel a little like Gandalf, the good White Wizard, who makes this comment while calmly watching the war clouds gathering over the evil land of Mordor at the climax of The Return Of The King, the last of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

And it’s not just because of my hair!

The Orcs are really marshalling out there, after Barack Obama’s defeat of John McCain in the presidential race (being ultra-pro-immigration didn’t help him, as we repeatedly predicted) combined with the Democrats’ near-veto-proof Congressional majorities.

People who should be on our side sometimes seem, frankly, to be suffering from an inexplicable debilitating curse.

And the gloom and doom in the stock market and the economy casts a dark shadow over all of us who, not having the Ford Foundation or the academic establishment on our side, must depend upon individual American patriots for our support—upon, in other words, people like you.

Frankly, we are all worried.

Nevertheless, I think that we in the patriotic immigration reform movement also feel somewhat like the Soviet political prisoners facing deportation in the great Russian novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s The First Circle:

But there was peace in their hearts. They were filled with the fearlessness of those who have lost everything, the fearlessness which is not easy to come by but which endures.”

I quoted those words in 2006, when a bill combining amnesty for 12-20 million illegal aliens and a massive increase in legal immigration was being pushed by the Democratic Congress and the Republican-controlled White House. It seemed certain to pass.

But it didn’t pass. And it didn’t pass in 2007 either.

It was stopped by the greatest patriotic upsurge seen in America for many years—not once, but twice.

We can do this again.

However, we can only do it with your help.

Because the Orcs really are gathering. Here are some recent signs:


President-elect Obama’s immigration “Policy Working Group” currently consists of Georgetown University’s T. Alexander Aleinikoff and Stanford University’s Mariano-Florentino Cu?©llar. Cuellar is a token Hispanic, a bad sign in itself, and a member of La Raza (“The Race”), the Ford Foundation-funded Hispanic pressure group. And Aleinikoff is a long-time immigration enthusiast who once objected to the term “Americanization” because he said it implied that “disunity is a problem caused by immigrants which will be solved once they are Americanized.” (What a scandalous idea!)


Another fanatical immigration enthusiast, Cecilia Munoz, a full-time operative of La Raza, has been named Obama’s Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. La Raza’s President put out a statement praising Munoz’ service to “the Latino community” and saying that “no one will work harder for her country and for the ideals and priorities of the Obama Administration” (whatever they are). VDARE.COM’s question: what country is that? Munoz is the child of Hispanic immigrants and shows no evidence of “Americanization”.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told the Detroit Free Press just before Thanksgiving that “on immigration, there's been an agreement between [President-elect Barack] Obama and [Arizona Republican Senator John] McCain to move forward on that. ... We've got McCain and we've got a few others. I don't expect much of a fight at all.”

(See what I mean about an inexplicable debilitating curse?)

Of course, immigration enthusiasts were making exactly the same sort of arrogant trumpeting noises in 2006 and 2007. They were wrong then. And we can prove them wrong again now.

But it depends on you—individual patriotic Americans outside of Washington D.C. and the major media centers.

With the internet, we can do it. Remember the pro-amnesty newspaper editor who wrote ruefully after amnesty was defeated

“The opponents of the bill prevailed and they did so in a grand manner that I had to respect. It was democracy at its best—and an instructive lesson for anyone interested in politics. Countless times a day, I received messages from a variety of groups that had Freedom or American or Liberty as part of their title.

“The discipline of these groups was a sight to behold. Someone created a set of talking points that declared opponents need only focus on one word—amnesty—to denounce the legislation. And every group that came out against it did precisely that.”

Note that this pro-amnesty editor was getting “messages” i.e. email—and he had obviously never heard of the groups he was getting messages from, i.e., they were grass-roots organizations.

At VDARE.COM, our role is to create those “talking points” and make them available to patriots. (Our archives are all online—and we don’t charge!) I’m happy to say we ran an article discussing the critical importance of the word “amnesty” way back in 2004.

Because this is, indeed, “the great battle of our time”. Immigration, both illegal and legal, is right on the verge of irreversibly transforming America. But the Establishment Media, both liberal and “conservative”, still won’t talk about it.

Let me just give two examples:


The Presidential Election

For reasons which continue to puzzle me even after thirty five years in journalism, the Main Stream Media is extremely reluctant to report the simple facts about the racial breakdown of the Presidential vote. Maybe it’s because it shows that America is coming apart: whites voted heavily (55%-45%) for McCain; blacks, Hispanics and other minorities even more heavily—in fact overwhelmingly—for Obama.

We’ve discussed at length on VDARE.COM. But we have also done the math: projecting this year’s racial voting pattern back, adjusting for America’s racial balance as it is shifted by mass non-traditional immigration. The result is startling: John McCain’s share of the white vote would have been enough to win him the Presidency in 1976. In other words, he ran better than President Ford, who was defeated that year by Jimmy Carter.

Projected forward, assuming immigration continues at its present pace, we find that even the share of whites that President Bush achieved in 2004 would not be enough to win the Presidency in 2012.

Public policy is changing America that quickly. Why is this being done?

You will only find these facts, and this question, on VDARE.COM.


The Financial Crisis

The Crash of 2008 was a “perfect storm”—it needed several elements to come together.

But a key element was the loosening of mortgage lending standards, imposed on the industry by a bipartisan consensus of politicians, in order to subsidize/ bribe minorities and immigrants, disproportionately uncreditworthy.

This loosening inflated the housing bubble—and precipitated the housing bust, as the uncreditworthy borrowers turned out to be, well, uncreditworthy.

As we’ve said bluntly at VDARE.COM, the U.S. has been plunged into a “Diversity Recession”—driven by a “Minority Mortgage Meltdown”.

Our Steve Sailer has documented this phenomenon in half a dozen full-length articles this fall.

But at VDARE.COM, we highlighted this problem way back in March 2004—in Thomas Allen’s eerily prescient article The Mortgage Monsters Meet The Immigration Invasion. They Like Each Other, about the Federal National Mortgage Association (“Fannie Mae”) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (“Freddie Mac”) and their irresponsible pursuit of immigrant, often illegal alien, clients.

Allen concluded: “We’ve known for some time that current mass immigration is politically unstable. Now it turns out that it’s financially unstable as well.”

Remember, that was in 2004!

The moral of this story, to use an old Wall Street adage: things that can’t go on, don’t. Washington’s manipulation of the mortgage market was doomed to fail and it did, injuring many innocent people in the process. Its manipulation of immigration policy will fail too.

But you need non-bipartisan, non-consensus sources like VDARE.COM to keep reminding you of reality.

And we can only do it if you help.

So I’m starting our annual year-end VDARE.COM fundraising drive now.

We’ve only had one fund-raising drive this year. And that was back in June.

Our advisers are mad at me, again. They think I should remind you every few weeks that it’s only your generosity and patriotism that keeps VDARE.COM going.

(Many thanks, by the way, to those of you who do donate even without my prodding, especially those who donate monthly—for details of how to do this, scroll to the end. It’s not just the money. It really raises our morale when we see your donations come in.)

I know our advisors are right. But asking for money gives me the creeps.

And, frankly, management (me) is pretty stretched pretty thin at VDARE.COM. If I spend time organizing an appeal, I can’t spend it editing.

And we post every day at VDARE.COM, an enormous amount of material. There are just so many targets!

And what we post is prepared to the highest professional standards—I’ve not been working in the Mainstream Media for 30 years for nothing. And we use hyperlinks, not the least of the advantages of this wonderful new medium, better than anyone else on the internet...at least, I think so. They help us document our case. Readers who are new to the cause of patriotic immigration reform find our hyperlinks particularly compelling. But the whole process is very labor-intensive.

Money is our secret weapon at VDARE.COM. Our fixed costs are very low, we operate entirely virtually. We don’t have to pay printing and postage (thank goodness!).

What this means: essentially everything you give goes to pay writers and editors.

Our writers and editors are not paid as much as I would like. But they do get something. This ability to pay our writers is what has distinguished VDARE.COM from a host of excellent but evanescent blogs which have come and gone.

Writers will often write for love—because they passionately believe in our cause. But in the long run, they need to be able to justify the time spent, to their families and to themselves.

At VDARE.COM, we are in this for the long haul. We are building an institution. We need money to do that. We can only do it with your help.

To me as a professional journalist, the quantity and quality of non-professional writing on the immigration issue that comes in over the e-transom has been a revelation. Many of these writers have full-time careers in other fields, some are students; I encourage these to write anonymously because of the very real reign of terror imposed by the curse of Political Correctness. Others are struggling, idealistic free-lancers; I shudder for them. All are patriots deprived of outlets because of the orthodoxy of the Mainstream Media.

We have two special Thank You gifts this year.

A few days ago, the VDARE Foundation published its first book: America’s Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama’s “Story Of Race And Inheritance”, by Steve Sailer.



You can buy it, and we’ve also made it available as a free .pdf download. Over 5100 copies have been downloaded in just over a month. For details, click here.

We will send a free copy of America’s Half-Blood Prince for every donation of $200.

(Remember to include your address if you donate via PayPal!)

This year also, The Social Contract magazine published a special issue devoted entirely to material that originally appeared on VDARE.COM

Our second Thank You gift:

We will send a free copy of this Social Contract special issue for every donation of $100.

If you send $250, we will include both America’s Half-Blood Prince and The Social Contract special issue. (Again, remember to include your address if you donate by PayPal!).

Also: Christmas is coming!!

Don’t forget when you’re buying gifts through Amazon.com to go in through a VDARE.COM link–for example here –and we get a commission at no cost to you! And also don’t forget that you can now buy VDARE.COM merchandise on our VDARE.COM online shop .

I don’t have to conceal from you that we are all particularly worried about the success of our fundraising drive this troubled year.

Please help us now. I, and all of us at VDARE.COM, and I believe future generations of Americans, will be profoundly grateful.

Peter Brimelow

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If you DON’T want to receive both America’s Half-Blood Prince and the special VDARE.COM issue of The Social Contract with your donation of $250, please email [email protected].
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