Washtech Polls High School Students
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Priyanka Joshi writes at Washtech:
WashTech surveyed the country's top public schools to see what accomplished high school students are saying about choosing IT as a career. Hot button issue of outsourcing, lack of loyalty in "employing local", and a saturated IT market are all at play as students share why they are choosing to pick or leave IT for good
Quotes from high school students include:
However, the way big corporations are outsourcing jobs, makes me never want to work for them.
With IT jobs becoming increasingly scarce, there is a natural level of hesitancy surrounding the decision to pursue this career.
I like Math a lot but after I saw the rapid pace of American IT jobs outsourced, I decided to not choose Computer Science or IT.
These students are largely influenced by corporate media's false claims that outsourcing is a bigger factor in recent changes in the IT market than immigration.

The big question: Why do companies that aren't creating jobs for US citizens need the privilege of immigration rights?

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