WASHINGTON POST: "George Floyd? The Name Is Not Ringing A Bell. Can You Remind Me Who He Was?"
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Looking at the Washington Post’s frontpage right now on the evening of May 25, 2023, the third anniversary of George Floyd’s death, it seems likely the Biden White House got the message through to its media handmaidens that the “racial reckoning” is not going to be a big part of Biden re-election messaging. WashingtonPost.com mentions Floyd twice on its front-page headlines, but only in its 49th highest-placed headline:

Three years after Floyd’s death, a reckoning for Biden’s agenda on race
By Toluse Olorunnipa, Scott Clement and Emily Guskin

And its 74th top headline:

College athletes mobilized after George Floyd. Three years later, those groups have evolved
By Glynn A. Hill

Probably earlier in the day, these stories were given somewhat more prominent placement. But still…

Similarly, on the NYTimes.com homepage, the only George Floyd-related story:

The Toll of Police Violence on Black People’s Mental Health

is the 149th highest-placed headline.

But is there ever going to be a reckoning over the catastrophic racial reckoning, with the facts of what happened over the last three years clearly presented and the perpetrators in politics and media shamed?

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