Washington Post: "Crosshairs" on the conservative white male
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Columnist Courtland Milloy writes in the Washington Post:
What repels many of those potential recruits, however, is the perception, if not the reality, that the party roils with racial resentment. Why else would the GOP be so overwhelmingly white? 
It didn’t help matters, either, when Republican strategists unleashed ads aimed at whipping the party’s core constituency — aging, right-wing, non-college-educated white men — into a racial frenzy with “dog whistle” warnings that a black “food stamp president” was out to get them. 
The “Bubba strategy,” as President Obama supporters called it. 
On Election Day, Bubba went whole hog for Republican contender Mitt Romney, only to be vanquished by a multiracial, mixed-gendered groundswell of voters. In the aftermath, the conservative white male was placed on the politically endangered species list — the crosshairs on him now.
You may remember back in January 2011 when Sarah Palin was widely castigated for running ads during the 2010 House races saying various Democrats in marginals seats were in the "crosshairs." But, that was wrong for Palin to do that because she is a conservative white male, and they deserve what's coming to them. Whereas Courtland Milloy is only about 3/4ths white, so he's A-OK.
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