War On Christmas + War On Whites = War On "White Christmas"
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The Boston Globe reports that the Dorchester, MA Historical Society is abasing themselves over the following postcard:


Here's them apologizing:

There are two points here: one is that it's never okay to be white, even if you're a New England snowfall, as in the song  and movie White Christmas, the other is the Historical Society, even before eliminating whiteness, had ignored Christmas. The Globe was right to call it a "holiday card". [Historical society ‘truly sorry’ for ‘white Dorchester’ holiday card, By Emily Sweeney, Boston Globe November 27, 2018]

They're replaced it with this one:


"May your Dorchester days be merry and bright" is also a line from the song "White Christmas" and also doesn't mention Christmas.

Link via the The Z-Man's latest podcast--listen to him comment on it here.

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