War-On-Christmas Tidbit From A Jewish Member Of Mark Steyn's Club
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Today, Mark Steyn has re-posted a piece, originally from 2004, on the differences of intensity and longevity for Christmas celebrations between Europe and the U.S.

Only members of his club can post comments at Mark Steyn's website.  (Most of the content is freely available to everyone.)  A member named Mike offered this response to Steyn's article:

I will say this at least for my European friends: the only corporate Christmas cards I got this year which actually said the word "Christmas" and not some numbly generic "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" for fear of offending someone were from British, French or German companies.

To which Laura Rosen Cohen, one of the more frequent commenters, replied:

I always say "Merry Christmas," and saw the funniest thing on Twitter a few days ago directed at Jews (by a Jew).  It was basically "When people say 'Merry Christmas,' that does not mean 'THE COSSACKS ARE COMING.'"

[re-formatted and re-punctuated, for clarity; yes, both "Rosen" and "Cohen" are Jewish names, as is "Nachman." -- PN] 

Here's the Tweet she's referencing:

Can't load tweet https://twitter.com/TuttleSinger/status/1072590348315230210: Sorry, that page does not exist

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