War On Christmas: Huffington Post Dissects Rudolph The Problematical Reindeer
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Xeni Jardin of BoingBoing.net tweeted this:

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disturbingOf course, her attitude is conditioned by the "There's No War On Christmas" narrative, but I suspect that what Tucker Carlson and Dave Rubin are tallking about on Fox is the Huffington Post's War On Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Rudolph may be brown with a very shiny nose, but he's implicitly white and from the Before Times. (Here's Boing Boing's take on Rudolph.)

The Huffington Post rounded up the reactions of Goodthinkers on Twitter in Viewers Noticed Some Very Disturbing Details In ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ | Some of the scenes in this Christmas classic raise all kinds of issues, By Ed Mazza, November 26, 2018.


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This is becoming  something of a tradition at the Huffington Post. They have a tag on Rudolph  that includes:

What I and Rudolph want to know is "When is it going to stop being the Current Year?"

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