War On Christmas At St. Paul's School (Maryland): What A Card!
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In Baltimore, when people ask where you went to school, they’re not interested in college; they want to classify you by your high school. In my case, the answer is St. Paul’s, an Episcopal boys’ school in the county. Though by no means the wokest private academy in the area, it rushed to adopt “inclusive language” in the prayerbook and hymnal in the early 1970s, deleting such hate words as “man” and “son” and purging masculine pronouns for the Almighty. (I have to admit that I am too out of touch with the church to know what pronouns God is using these days.)

This year’s Christmas card from St. Paul’s features a cheerfully grinning black man in a Santa hat, festooned with blue and gold tinsel (the school colors) and sitting behind the wheel of an immaculate white van. “Happy Holidays!” in red letters adorns the front of the card. The image suffers some loss of clarity from being printed on textured paper.

Inside, we find wishes for a “peaceful and joyous season,” as well as a helpful note explaining that “Robert Woodard, a member of the Maintenance Team, has worked at St. Paul’s for 23 years and is known and beloved around campus for his daily greetings.”

Thus does an ostensibly Christian school advertise its surrender and submission to the anti-Christian, anti-white forces that occupy our country: Happy Undifferentiated Season from one compliant blob of Undifferentiated Human Matter to another. There is also the not-so-subtle message about who’s in the driver’s seat. Of course, we know, and the card designer knows, that Mr. Woodard is not in charge of anything. He is merely a stage prop for the establishment, an instance of the creative use of sacred victims to disempower the Historic American Nation. I don’t doubt that the happy maintenance man is a kindly soul and a good and faithful servant, something that the Bible tells us we should all aspire to be; and he is doing his masters’ will.

But setting aside the racial angle, what does it mean when a church-based school puts a janitor on the front of a secular greeting card at Christmas time? Isn’t this a replacement of the high and holy with the trivial and profane, as deliberately jarring as a man in a sun dress? Is it not one of the myriad demoralizing and disorienting petits remplacements that advance the Grand Remplacement?

One hesitates to carp about something as seemingly innocuous as an ever-so-nice-and-inclusive greeting card from an expensive private school, but somebody needs to do it.

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