WaPo Editrix Karen Attiah: White Women Are Lucky That We Are Just Calling Them "Karen's" [sic] and Not Calling for Revenge
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From the Washington Post:

Karen Attiah
Washington, D.C.
Global Opinions editor, writing on international affairs and social issues
Education: Northwestern University, BA in communication studies, minor in African Studies; Columbia University, master’s in international affairs

Karen Attiah is the Global Opinions editor at The Washington Post, where she commissions and edits commentary on global issues from a variety of international writers.

But at least Ms. Attiah capitalizes “White.”

Although her spelling of the plural of “Karen” as “Karen’s” might raise some eyebrows for an editor at a national newspaper. Also, misspelling the name of St. Emmett Till …

Earlier from Ms. Attiah, an explanation of why she hates white women (for stealing all the white men):


And on and on:

Also, Ms. Attiah’s memorable coinage for white Democratic women: the Axis of Shevil:

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