WaPo: Blue-Eyed Peninsular-American Explains Diversity to You Nativist Numbskulls
January 21, 2018, 12:53 PM
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Blue eyesIn colonial Latin America, the peninsulares, those born in the Iberian Peninsula, were the highest racial rank, above even the all-white criollos born in the New World, much less the mestizos, mulattos, zambos, etc., not to mention the indios and negros. A Peninsular-American tycoon has now taken time out from his busy schedule to instruct us in the Washington Post about the evils of American racism and how “temporary” must mean “forever” when it comes to the Temporary Protected Status of his low-paid kitchen mestizos.

Commenter Citizen of a Silly Country writes:

OT: As always with urban liberals, immigration is all about their ability to enjoy restaurants.

DC chef Jose Andres – Spanish, of course, not some Metizo (something he manages to point about to prove that (other) whites are racists) makes the restaurant version of the “crops rotting in the fields” argument.

Immigrants, including Salvadorans and other Central Americans, make up more than half of the staff at my restaurants, and we simply could not run our businesses without them.

Simply couldn’t, I tell you. What? Restaurants in New Hampshire and Minnesota operate without illegal immigrants. That just can’t be.

With national unemployment at 4 percent, there aren’t enough U.S.-born workers to take their places — or cover the employment needs of a growing economy.

Restaurants will rot in the field, I tell ya. What’s that you say? Increase the pay of my employees. Are you insane. Don’t you understand economics? Well, my personal economics.

I came to the United States from Spain in 1991 with an E-2 visa and big ambitions. I wanted to introduce America to the food of my heritage while at the same time reimagining it. I wanted to become a chef and start my own restaurant.

Hmm. There’s a lot “I”s in the paragraph. Also, how long will “our” heritage last if we never stop immigration.

Despite the many hardships of being a new immigrant, life was relatively easy for me — in no small part because of my fair skin and blue eyes. America isn’t the only place where this happens; it is a human sickness. We have a hard time welcoming those who are different from us.

Thanks for giving me so many opportunities, your racist pigs!

Let’s also create a revolving-door visa, allowing people from Mexico, El Salvador and other countries to work for a few months and then return home, bringing their earnings back with them. Revolving-door visas would help the U.S. economy continue to grow and help grow the economies of our allies, too.

Revolving-door visas probably wouldn’t hurt your business much either. You could continue to pay third-world wages and force them to do whatever you want because you control their visa. Nice. Also, I’m sure none of those guys would just skip out after the visa runs out and become illegals.

So let me say this here: Walls will not make America safer or greater.

Yeah, whoever heard of a wall making anyone safer. That’s why Andres’ restaurants don’t have walls, nor does his house. He also doesn’t believe in locks.

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