WaPo: Black Gay Candidate Murdered, "Mississippi’s Dark History Of Racial Brutality" To Blame?
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Splashed big in the Washington Post as the top story of the evening of March 8th:

A politician’s death opens old wounds 

Anne Hull 6:29 PM ET 

Marco McMillian moved back to his mother’s home in Clarksdale, Miss., to run for mayor, but the 28-year-old’s mysterious death has roiled old fears from the state’s dark history of racial brutality. 

In Mississippi, death of politician Marco McMillian stirs old civil-rights fears

In Clarksdale, Miss. — When Marco McMillian decided to move back to his home town and run for mayor, the 33-year-old aspiring candidate knew he needed the blessing of the silver-haired oligarchy that ruled quietly from church pews. ... 

Moments in Mississippi’s civil rights history:?The slaying of an openly gay candidate for mayor of Clarksdale, Miss., is one of the latest high-profile issues swirling around race, civil rights and the Magnolia State. Here are several others: 

A week and a half after McMillian’s body was found in the mud on an isolated stretch of levee outside Clarksdale, his death remains a mystery. It has roiled old suspicions and fears from Mississippi’s dark history of racial brutality, although both McMillian and the man charged with his murder are African American. ... 

The Coahoma County Sheriff’s Department has charged Lawrence Reed, 22, in the crime. He told police that he killed McMillian and where to look for the body, according to two people familiar with the investigation who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss its early findings.


In other words, "his death remains a mystery" in all ways except that the confessed killer, who was caught upon crashing the victim's stolen car in February, told the cops where he stashed the corpse. So it hasn't been a mystery all March.


Confessed perp (left) and victim (right)

Does the whole world have "Django Unchained" on the brain? "America Debrained?" I guess that what really counts is that this black-on-black murder took place in the same state where Calvin Candie was so mean to Django Freeman in 1858, two years before the Civil War.

Mississippi white man
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