Walter Kehowski (Reader Who Forwarded Columns) Vindicated By 9th Circuit
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Via Ann Althouse, this is the end, more or less, of a case I talked about in 2004:

Racist E-mail Case Tossed


Courthouse News Service

May 21, 2010

(CN) - Hispanic professors can't use the courts to stifle what they consider racist e-mails sent to everyone in their district by a math teacher, the 9th Circuit ruled.

The three-judge panel tossed the claims against Walter Kehowski at Maricopa Community College. His colleagues claimed he sent three e-mails to all employees in the school district touting European whites as superior.

Chief Judge Alex Kozinski said the issue is one of academic debate, adding that it's not the court's job to figure out if his ideas have academic merit.

"Those offended by Kehowski's ideas should engage him in debate or hit the 'delete' button' when they receive his e-mails," Kozinski wrote. "They may not invoke the power of the government to shut him up."

Kehowski, a math teacher at Glendale Community College, sent out three e-mails in 2006.[ note: Actually, 2003.]

The first had "Dia de la raza" in its subject line and asked, "Why is the district endorsing an explicitly racist event?"[More]

Unmentioned in this report is that many of the emails forwarded by Kehowski were articles—see Angst in Arizona— Caused By One of them, (Mexican Double Standard) was mine, and one was Sam Francis's. But you can't escape censure by avoiding SPLC-condemned us—they also complained about The Weekly Standard, and a UPI wire story.

Here's the  entire text of the Dia de La Raza email, sent October 7, 2003:

Hello, Why is the district endorsing an explicitly racist (or here) event? Just thought I'd ask. Don't give me a bunch of diversity double-talk (or here, here, and here) either.

Walter Kehowski

P.S. One might also read carefully Gramsci's Web.

And that's all it took to spend seven years in court.

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