Wall Street Journal admits Problems With H-1b!
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Greg Ip reports at the Wall Street Journal:
In 2002 Sprint, reeling from the collapse of the telecommunications industry, initiated a wave of layoffs that eventually totaled 15,000 workers in 13 months, Ms. Dewing among them. She remained in the Kansas City area, posting her r?©sum?© on job boards. When recruiters called, she would usually put her expected salary at something close to her old salary. As time went by without an offer she lowered it steadily, to $60,000. She found herself competing for jobs with employees of outsourcing firms brought over from India on temporary visas, such as the H-1B.
Basically the truth of what H-1b expansion has meant is becoming so obvious that even corporate infomercials like the Wall Street Journal are havinng to tell something of the truth her sometimes.
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