VP Webb: VDARE.com leads, Bloomberg.com follows
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Snug in her privileged berth in the MSM, Bloomberg columnist Margaret Carlson has arrived at the same conclusion Peter Brimelow reached months ago: James Webb is easily the best VP choice for Obama. (Webb's Just the Reagan Democrat Obama Needs Margaret Carlson Bloomberg.com, May 22 2008)

But at least she has the integrity to be candid as to why:

After another drubbing at the hands of Senator Hillary Clinton in Kentucky, to say that Obama lacks appeal among non- college-educated, working-class Ronald Reagan Democrats — the voters Clinton calls ''hardworking white Americans'' — is to call the Grand Canyon a hole in the ground.

Webb fits the bill:

What makes Webb the perfect fit for a party desperately in search of Reagan Democrats is that Webb IS a Reagan Democrat. He left the party in disgust when Jimmy Carter granted amnesty to draft evaders and later went to work for Reagan as secretary of the Navy

No mention of immigration of course (on which, sadly, Senator Webb has been unsatisfactory). Clearly the policy aspect of Webb which appeals to Carlson is his staunch anti-war line. Not VDARE.com’s line of country, although we know it would appeal to most of our readers.

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