Volunteer Vaccinators In UK Must Document They Have Been Trained In Conflict Resolution, Equality, Diversity And Human Rights, Fire Safety, And Preventing Radicalisation
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In 2005, during the Hurricane Katrina flood that drowned 1800 people in New Orleans, my son’s scoutmaster, a captain in the Los Angeles Fire Department, flew to Louisiana to rescue people. But before he was allowed to get into a boat and start hauling people out of the floodwaters, he had to sit through a two-hour sexual harassment sensitivity training seminar.

And now from Spiked:

In the UK, retired doctors are volunteering to become Covid vaccinators to speed up the process. But the bureaucratic hurdles to volunteering are bordering on the absurd.

Retired GP Claire Barker, in a letter to the Telegraph, writes that she is expected to have documentation that she has received training in ‘conflict resolution, equality, diversity and human rights, fire safety, and preventing radicalisation’.

In other words, medically qualified doctors cannot administer a life-saving vaccine unless they have had diversity training.

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