Viva La Migra—Eight Fewer Public Charges
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There will be five fewer illegal aliens in American schools next week. Five fewer daily taxpayer- subsidized lunches and five fewer potential sob stories for the proponents of the DREAM ACT. There will be five fewer reasons to build new schools, and five fewer reasons to hire Spanish speaking teachers. And eight fewer resentful illegal aliens demanding "civil rights" in America and eight fewer faces on camera for the next "March for Dignity and a path to citizenship". Because of a dog and the heroic work of our Customs and Border Patrol Agents. Viva La Migra. From KGBT -TV , serving the Rio Grande valley in Texas:

Customs and Border Patrol agents found eight people, including five children, hidden in the engine/baggage compartment of two chartered buses.

The buses were stopped at the Sarita checkpoint on Monday morning for an inspection. A canine alerted agents to the engine compartment.

When agents opened the side doors they found the illegal immigrants hidden in the baggage compartment.

Looking at this from the White House, the President might regard this as eight little defeats and eight fewer examples of "family values not stopping at the Rio Grande".

But, he knows what the eight apprehended illegals know.

They will probably make it through on their next attempt.

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