Virginia’s GOP Convention for Governor Update: Amanda Chase Not Backing Down
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So, I voted for Amanda Chase this morning in Loudoun County, Virginia. I was one of a reported 52,000 delegates who registered to vote for the Republican candidate for governor this year. The winner will be known in a few days and will almost certainly face former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, in the general election in November. 

As I noted in a March VDARE article, the move from a primary to a convention was to prevent “Trump in heels,” Amanda Chase, from winning the Republican nomination. The fact that there is ranked-choice voting, meaning points are given for second, third and other place votes, indicates that the state GOP is hoping for a Youngkin or Snyder to eventually be nominated, even if Chase wins the most first place votes. 

Once the final election results are known, I will write a more detailed article on what they portend for politics in both Virginia and the U.S. going forward. But a few brief notes: 

  • Chase did not back down from her pro-white statements since my piece was published in VDARE. In fact, she gained horrified headlines from decrying the Derek Chauvin verdict and for taking a black state senator to task for her racial advocacy and double standards. A small but growing number of politicians across the U.S. are speaking up for whites and not melting when they are attacked by the media and the establishment of both parties. 
  • Unfortunately, I barely heard from Amanda Chase during the campaign. Once I registered as a delegate I was bombarded with texts, emails and hard-copy fliers in my mail box. Very few were from Chase with Snyder and Youngkin barraging me multiple times a day.  Both Youngkin and Snyder are multi-millionaires, so were able to fund their own campaigns. 
  • Chase’s campaign leaflets were pretty good but why didn’t she focus more on things like Confederate monuments, critical race theory—facing a surprising pushback here in Loudoun County—or the fact that she was the only candidate to attend the January 6 “Stop The Steal” protests and then defended Trump supporters from the media and the GOP establishment? Despite this, she led in the final polls taken before the convention. 
  • Dissident Right figures—several of whom live in Virginia—hardly mentioned Chase. Perhaps they (or we) are tired of elections and politics after the Trump loss. Or maybe they write off the now blue state of Virginia. But the fact that Chase took strong pro-white positions on a number of issues without backing down should have earned her at least some attention. 
  • The volunteers and attendees were about 90% white despite the fact that Loudoun County is only 54% white (2019 figures). Everyone was friendly, polite and well dressed despite waits and traffic. There were many Trump flags and bumper stickers. While I hold the Republican party in very low regard, Loudoun Republicans are quite a different breed from our SJW Democrat neighbors. There was nary a BLM flag, antifa supporter, “trans person” or 300-pound behemoth with blue hair in sight. 



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