Villaraigosa's Endorsers And The Mexican Invasion
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If the Los Angeles Mayoral race between incumbent James Hahn and challenger Antonio Villaraigosa were to be decided by endorsements, then it would be lights out for Hahn.

Villaraigosa has racked up most of the big names.

And Villaraigosa’s support among black leaders has lead to the usual observation that his candidacy is helping to form “new ethnic alliances.”

The truth: in today’s Los Angeles low income blacks and Hispanics are bitter rivals. They compete for scarce jobs, dwindling social services, and the limited time of their overburdened teachers.

This hard fact is not something that politicians who support Villaraigosa are going to trumpet, however.

But there is an interesting sub-text to the so-called alliances. In earlier columns, I have wondered why the Congressional Black Caucus has all but abandoned black America.

Now I have my answer. The Mexican invasion has been so rapid and so complete that formerly black Congressional districts are now heavily Hispanic.

Villaraigosa’s most coveted endorsement came from U.S. Representative Maxine Waters.

Curious about the make-up of her district, I asked VDARE.COM ace numbers cruncher Ed Rubenstein to ferret out the details of Waters’ 35th California Congressional district.

Here, from Census 2000, is the rundown:

25.9% white; 34.4% Black; 47.3% Latino; 32.6 percent are foreign-born; 26.4 % live below the poverty line and 50.2% speak a language other than English.

Waters has one of the biggest “get out the votes” machines in California. But if I were a black American who read those census figures, I’d be voting for Hahn.

From this moment on, blacks can count on Waters to side with Hispanics at their expense. She is more dependent on Hispanics than any other ethnic group to stay in office.

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