Village Voice: Only stands by Jesse Helms.
July 08, 2008, 03:03 AM
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The curious individual who has acquired the task of monitoring Right Wing blogs for The Village Voice has given us an accolade. In Post Racial: Rightbloggers Shade Helms’ Civil Rights History he says

The VDARE Blog did mention Helms' opposition to actual civil rights, and quite cheerfully, adding, "Of course, the evolution of scientific research — as opposed to political correctness — has, in recent years given Helms' reservations a solid foundation in scientific fact."

SALUTE to the Village Voice to actually carrying our links - not usual in leftist publications.

This is in contrast to the unenthusiasm he identifies in NRO, and AOL Political Machine (Village Voice named a couple of more negativists, but on inspection I found their dissent negligible.)

What other Conservative Source has spoken up? is unique. Please help us.