Village Voice: Only stands by Jesse Helms.
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The curious individual who has acquired the task of monitoring Right Wing blogs for The Village Voice has given us an accolade. In Post Racial: Rightbloggers Shade Helms’ Civil Rights History he says

The VDARE Blog did mention Helms' opposition to actual civil rights, and quite cheerfully, adding, "Of course, the evolution of scientific research — as opposed to political correctness — has, in recent years given Helms' reservations a solid foundation in scientific fact."

SALUTE to the Village Voice to actually carrying our links—not usual in leftist publications.

This is in contrast to the unenthusiasm he identifies in NRO, and AOL Political Machine (Village Voice named a couple of more negativists, but on inspection I found their dissent negligible.)

What other Conservative Source has spoken up? is unique. Please help us.

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