Video: Students React To The Question “Should Affirmative Action Apply to the Basketball Team?”
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Affirmative Action, which usually amounts to discrimination against white people, has become an accepted part of our society. What politician criticizes it anymore? You certainly can’t count on the Republican Party to fight Affirmative Action.

If Affirmative Action is just a matter of fairness, and is not anti-white discrimination, then why don’t they use it in basketball? Since blacks dominate basketball far beyond their proportion of the general population, we can ask the question, “Shouldn’t Affirmative Action be used in basketball to get more whites in the game?”

That’s the basic question that was posed to random students on the campus of the University of California Riverside. You can watch the video here. Notice how the brainwashed and unthinking university students are flabbergasted by the question, and can’t respond consistently. All of them support academic Affirmative Action (which discriminates against white students) but will not sign a petition to apply Affirmative Action to the campus basketball team.

This and other videos can be viewed at the “Exposing Leftists” website, click here to check it out. It has another video in which students are asked to redistribute GPAs.

If the Republican Party really stood for its so-called principles, it would publicly oppose and fight Affirmative Action. It worked for Jesse Helms back in 1990.

Your typical GOP politician today would say he’s for equality, a color-blind society, etc.

Great. So why won’t he attack anti-white discrimination?

Shouldn’t Republicans be making this a campaign issue?

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