Video Of Obama Encouraging Illegals To Vote: "Immigration" Will Not Investigate
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H/T Gateway Pundit

In this election the Drudge Report has done an absolutely stellar job of surfacing crucial immigration facts the MSM represses. As Peter Brimelow likes to say, reading Drudge makes one realize what a different country this would be if one of the major Networks had the same orientation.

Today Drudge has been featuring a Gateway Pundit post Criminal President Obama Encourages Illegal Aliens to Vote – Promises No Repercussions (VIDEO)  Jim Hoft Nov 6th 2016 The video is of a Neil Cavuto/Fox News clip (hence the odd perspective of the picture).

In this a young Latina woman, doubtless chosen as being better looking and better spoken than 99% of her sisters, arrogantly asserts that illegals are

“undocumented citizens...because they contribute to this country”
and asks if one such votes, does she have to fear “Immigration” coming for her family and deporting her.

Obama displays no interest at all in the illegality of this proposal and immediately assures her she has nothing to worry about. He opens with the peculiar assertion that

“...when you vote, you are Citizen yourself”
Which he sounds as if he agrees with his interviewer about the ‘undocumented citizens’ concept.

If you have any more anger capacity left after watching this, try watching the video below in which J. Christian Adams discusses the Administration’s shutting down of existing procedures to remove dead voters from the roll:

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