Victims In South Central Serial Killings Identified By Race, Not So The Killers
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The story Steve Sailer quotes below about serial killers  includes a brief social history of South Central, and talks about race riots and migrations and such, and mentions the race of the victims:
All told, between 1984 and 1993, LAPD detectives estimate that more than 100 women, almost all African American, [Emphasis added] were killed in South L.A. and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Some of the cases have been solved; others remain open. Detectives say many are tied to five serial killers operating in the area.

[Lonnie David ]Franklin, 57, has been charged with 10 counts of murder. [Chester]Turner, 43, is on death row after raping and strangling 10 women, one of whom was six months pregnant.Louis Craine was convicted of strangling four women between 1984 and 1987; he later died in prison, at 31. Michael Hughes, 54, was accused of killing eight, four in South L.A. and nearby Inglewood. And Daniel Lee Seibert confessed to killing 13 across the United States, two of them in South L.A.; he died in prison, at 53, in 2008.

It's true that the victims were almost all African-American, but so were four  out of five of the killers.(Seibert, the one white man on the, list killed two out of the  hundred victims mentioned.) See my article Grim Sleepers? MSM And Hollywood Shut Eyes To Black Serial Killers.

What  the LA Times will report: The victims were mostly African-American.

What  the LA Times won't report: The killers were mostly African-American

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