Victim Visa Strikes!
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In my recent article, Victim Visas — How America Stupidly Rewards Misfortune and Fraud, I noted the upgrade of the U Visa to make it more available to illegal aliens who claim to be crime victims. Not only does the U Visa permit alleged victims back into the US to testify at trial (sensible), but it also allows them to apply for an eventual green card. Dumb!

A 13-year-old illegal immigrant who fled to his native Mexico amid a sex scandal with his schoolteacher could be eligible to return to the United States under a new visa the government started granting the week before he disappeared.

The visa helps illegal immigrants who are victims of sex crimes. If the boy, who spent most of his life in Lexington, Neb., qualifies, he could stay legally in the United States for four years and eventually apply for permanent residency. It also would extend temporary residency to his parents and his unmarried siblings under 18, if they applied for it.

"It's a win-win," U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services spokeswoman Marilu Cabrera said of the so-called "U" visa. "It helps us and law enforcement be able to solve a crime, and it certainly helps the individual who is a victim of a crime." [New Visa May Aid Boy in Teacher Sex Case, San Francisco Chronicle 11/12/07]

This policy is not a win for the American people, or for justice either. Handing out green cards to illegal aliens who make accusations of crime is a gilt-edged invitation for fraud.

This case of teacher sex abuse is not one of those. However, what is this kid's qualification for being an American beyond his sex appeal to a pervert educator? The fact that the entire family will likely benefit from this mess is even more disgusting. The whole gaggle belongs back in Mexico.

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