Vibrancy Alert: "Mexico's Vibrant Muslim Community Living in the Maya Heartland"
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From The Independent:
Mexico’s vibrant Muslim community living in the Maya heartland

Mountainous southern state of Chiapas home to Tzotzil converts to Islam

Edgard Garrido 3 days ago

A trip to Mexico’s indigenous Maya heartland showed me how a vibrant Muslim community had sprung up in this predominantly Roman Catholic country.

In the southern state of Chiapas, home to a lush mountainous landscape, I photographed members of a small Muslim community made up of hundreds of mostly indigenous Tzotzil men and women, many of whom converted to Islam from Catholic or other Christian denominations.

… He asked me if I believed in God and I said no. That did not appear to bother him.

He went on to explain the main reason behind his conversion to Islam.

“I like to be clean and change my clothes,” he said. “This is a clean religion and that’s what originally drew me to it."

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