"Vial Bodies"
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Vanity Fair finally has an article on the use of Human Growth Hormone in Hollywood. It's about time. But not a lot of names in the article: Sylvester Stallone (of course, who got caught in Australia), Nick Nolte, and Oliver Stone, plus some hip-hoppers. Access journalism rules. What about Taylor Lautner, the child actor who added 30 pounds of muscle to stay in the Twilight series? That's sick. There's something seriously wrong now with how the guy's head looks, and he just turned 20.

Somebody ought to write the History of Hollywood via the Drug of the Decade. Critics always right about how it's such a tragedy that their favorite 1970s directors burnt out while Steven Spielberg didn't. Well, Spielberg wasn't, I presume, out of his mind on cocaine all the time. The action films of the 1980s, from about Rocky III onward, were clearly driven by the mainstreaming of steroids, and it soon affected dramatic actors, as well, such as, I would assume, Sean Penn, who spent a month in jail after whaling on a paparazzi.

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