Veteran Va. Democrat protests Party's Immigration "Myopia".
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Sunday’s Washington Post carries a fine letter on immigration by George W. Grayson, a Professor at the College of William and Mary and a disgruntled veteran Democrat.

Immigration Myopia in Virginia Sunday, September 9, 2007

starts resoundingly:

For Virginia's Democrats to cede the issue of illegal immigration to Republicans in this fall's legislative contests would be as socially irresponsible as it would be politically myopic… Communities as diverse as Culpeper and Herndon, and Loudoun and Prince William counties, are seeking to curb the influx of illegal aliens (calling them "undocumented workers" is akin to referring to bank robbers as "unofficial withdrawal specialists").

and precisely defines the issue:

Although they are denigrated as "xenophobes," "racists" and "nativists" by special pleaders, local leaders are responding to concerns about school crowding, emergency-room access, neighborhoods blighted by old vehicles, trash-strewn yards, houses bulging with occupants, ubiquitous signs in Spanish and the proliferation of gangs.

The letter proceeds to make a series of succinct arguments, noting the absence of the usual ”timeout” permitting assimilation since the 1965 wall-breaching, unfairness to legal applicants, and adverse effect on income distribution:

it's housekeepers, construction workers, hospitality industry employees and child-care providers, who feel abandoned when the party of Truman, Kennedy and Roosevelt elevates the interests of lawbreakers over the well-being of these forgotten blue- and pink-collar citizens.

In conclusion, Grayson particularly notes the damage to the black community:

Finally, in scorning rigorous law enforcement, Democrats are compromising opportunities for African Americans, who have been our party's most faithful backers in the Old Dominion

quoting Carol Swain on the fecklessness of the Congressional Black Caucus

An interesting aspect is that Grayson has spent almost forty years studying Latin America, apparently drawing some negative conclusions (including about the region's immigration role).

Congratulate Professor Grayson.

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