VDH Goes All Peter Brimelow On Illegals
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Surprise, surprise, surprise. NRO has discovered, or at least not blocked an open attack on illegal aliens as immoral as well as illegal.

NRO December 8, 2011 Victor Davis Hanson

Illegal Immigration Is Immoral

Illegal immigration has been in the news daily during the Republican primary campaign, even though a depressed economy here, stronger border enforcement, and vast new finds of petroleum in Latin America may soon radically curtail the number of illegal entrants into the United States. But for now, conservatives are warned that coming down hard on illegal immigration (i.e., enforcing federal statutes) would lose them the all-critical Hispanic vote. Meanwhile, in California, some legislators want to grant de facto state amnesty to illegal residents. But lost in the continuing furor, pro and con, is the moral dimension. The strange notion has developed that supporting something as immoral as illegal immigration is somehow ethical. It is not, and there are several reasons why.

The question is will VDH get the John O'Sullivan treatment? Just waiting for the illegal alien Kevin Williamson to give VDH the Federale treatment...Still waiting...Oh, nevermind.

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