VDARE's Gorak: Wisconsin's (D.) Senators betray Workers.
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Congratulations to long-time VDARE.com contributor and blogger Dave Gorak for getting a biting attack on the deplorable immigration record of Wisconsin’s Senators published in Madison WI’s The Capital Times [Senators disappoint on immigration bill - June 16 2006]

As I was growing up on Chicago's South Side, hardly a day passed when I did not hear that the "Democrats always stand up for the working guy."… But today's Democrats are a different breed…What you quickly learn by watching them in Congress is that the "working guys" whom Democrats are eager to support are the foreign-born, especially the 12 million here illegally. These workers are getting first crack at "a better life" even though 14 million Americans, including many of our working poor, can't find full-time jobs.

Gorak zeros in:

Wisconsin's Democratic senators, Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl, proved beyond a doubt on May 25 that they care more about the "needs" of corporate America than they do about America's working men and women. On that day they and 60 of their Senate colleagues voted to grant amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants and also approved adding potentially 66 million more foreign workers and their families to our already exploding population during the next 20 years.

He concludes:

What is so infuriating about the votes by Feingold and Kohl is that they mock their own recent public statements. In his TV campaign ads, for example, Sen. Kohl says that he wants to "be your senator and nobody else's" and that the people of Wisconsin are his "only special interests." Adding 66 million people to our society and encouraging millions more to come illegally is in our interests? Feingold's vote is even more troubling because during his April 20 "listening session" in Monroe County, he told his audience that he "opposes unrestrained population growth." What is his definition of "unrestrained"?

The voting record website links which Dave mentions are

http://grades.betterimmigration.com/testgrades.php3?District=WI&VIPID=862 (Feingold)


http://grades.betterimmigration.com/testgrades.php3?District=WI&VIPID=860 (Kohl)

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