VDARE Quarterly Magazine is Ready!
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IMG_2010I’m pleased to present VOL XII of the VDARE Quarterly Magazine. This issue features articles by VDARE.com writers Peter Brimelow, Lance Welton, Allan Wall, James Kirkpatrick, Paul Kersey, Jim Goad and many more. The featured articles span March through May of 2019, and VDARE.com’s coverage of:

  • The Christchurch Problem
  • White Nationalist Hearing
  • Un-PC WWE
  • Wringing France’s Neck
  • Climate Crusade
  • Rape Epidemic
  • Displaced American Workers
  • Arctic Alliance

And of course, Woke Superheroes, beautifully illustrated on the cover as Snowflake standing victorious over TradMan.

From James Fulford:

The purpose of the VDARE.com Quarterly is not only to put our web-based journalism into a form that appeals to people who don’t like reading things on little screens, but to make it permanent. I’ve been reading books and magazines for over 50 years, and I not only own many books that are older than me, I own magazines that are older than me.

VDARE.com appears on the web, on YouTube, on Twitter, and on platforms yet to be named, but all that requires electronics, electrical power and internet access (frequently blocked!) to read.

On the other hand, if you have a copy of Alien Nation (Random House, 1995, 327 pp) in hardcover or paperback, you’ll find it makes as much sense as ever. The same applies to the copy of Ann Coulter’s ¡Adios, America! that now-President Trump read before starting his historic campaign for office (he really needs to re-read it) and it applies to this magazine—the truths in it are not ephemeral, and will last as long as America does.”

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