VDARE.com Seeks Administrative Assistant!
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VDARE Foundation, a non-profit that educates the public on the negative effects of mass immigration and stands in defense of the Historic American Nation, is seeking a full-time administrative assistant at the Berkeley Springs Castle headquarters in Berkeley Springs, WV. 

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to apply@vdare.com.


Responsible for assisting the President/Publisher in the execution of her duties primarily by performing administrative work requiring specialized knowledge of administrative management and familiarity with VDARE functions. 

This job requires flexibility in time, and the ability to adapt to new and sometimes temporary functions depending on needs of the President/Publisher.

A commitment to the VDARE Foundation mission is an absolute requirement and should be reflected in your cover letter. Please carefully review www.vdare.com/about, published stories, and interviews with our Editor, Peter Brimelow, to become familiar with the elements of our mission.

Required Skills
At least 2 years’ experience using customer management software such as Salesforce
Fluency in Microsoft Office Suite, especially Excel and Word

Preferred Qualifications
Linux experience

Essential Job Functions


  • Performs administrative secretarial duties requiring above-average administrative skills, considerable discretion, confidentiality and specialized knowledge
  • Provides customer service by responding to staff and public phone calls and face-to-face inquiries, requiring knowledge of policies and procedures
  • Screens calls with tact and courtesy; takes detailed messages and directs calls appropriately
  • Drafts and edits written communications, using proper grammar and punctuation
  • Prepares correspondence and various reports and/or documents for general distribution
  • Heavy use of spreadsheet and reporting skills
  • Represents Administrative Services at staff meetings and in collaboration with Events, Facilities, Grounds, Development and Editorial departments
  • Acts in a civil, respectful manner at all times to management, co-workers and others

Tech Support Liaison

  • Requests technical support as needed from local and remote IT support vendors
  • Maintains familiarity with available support vendors and makes sound judgments as to which would be most suitable under a given set of circumstances
  • Interacts with IT support as needed on unresolved service requests, and assists as needed with troubleshooting problems and testing features
  • Assists IT support with onsite logistics during hardware/software upgrades and repair

Database Management

  • Enters donor and account data from online and paper formats into database systems
  • Verifies entered customer and account data by reviewing, correcting, deleting, or reentering data as necessary
  • Sorts, organizes and files paperwork after entering data to ensure it is not lost
  • Keeps information confidential
  • Complies with data integrity and security policies
  • Produces and interprets appropriate reports when requested by authorized personnel or contractors
  • Ensures proper use of office equipment and addresses any malfunctions
  • Engages in ongoing continuing education by means of the webinars, trainings and reading up on best practices for management of the database and development of reports
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