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Whoopee! VDARE.COM has been attacked in the Mexican media! It appeared in an article entitled "Neonazis Van Contra Hispanos" [Neonazis go against Hispanics, by Jose Carreno, El Universal Online, April 28th, 2006.]

The article begins by saying that "White supremacists, Neo-Nazis and other racist groups have declared an ‘open season’ of hunting and harassment against immigrants and they attempt to utilize the migratory debate to stir up hate against Hispanics, particularly Mexicans, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) revealed yesterday. If you're a VDARE.com reader, you may have already read Bryanna Bevens' debunking of the propagandistic and misleading ADL report—which did not, however, despite Carrero’s implication, cite VDARE.COM.

It's the old tactic of smearing all Americans concerned about our immigration disaster (that is to say, most Americans) as “neo-Nazis”, in order to shut people up.

The last paragraph of Carreno’s piece reads "The anti-immigrant activity of extreme right-wing groups has been visible in the activities of the Minuteman organization (which claims it rejects the racists)  and in rallies and political activities of groups such as American Patrol and VDARE.”

I’ve never been invited to any of these VDARE.COM rallies—maybe it’s because I live in Mexico.

Anyway, we’ve made the Mexican media. And in the same paragraph as American Patrol and the Minutemen - which puts us in good company.

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