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 November Job Report: Immigrants Still Displacing Americans [Edwin S. Rubenstein] - 12/07/04

Recently, we unveiled VDARE.COM's American Worker Displacement Index (VDAWDI.) VDAWDI measures the percentage growth of Hispanic employment relative to non-Hispanic employment since the start of the Bush Administration. Hispanic employment is the best proxy we have for immigrant employment on a monthly basis.

Based on data announced last Friday, November's VDAWDI was 111.8. This means that from January 2001 through November 2004, Hispanic employment grew 11.8-times faster than non-Hispanic employment. 

November's VDAWDI was, in fact, slightly below October's reading of 112.1, reflecting below average growth of Hispanic employment in the month of November. (Hispanic employment rose 0.15 percent versus a 0.38 percent rise for non-Hispanics in November.)  Over the 12 months since November 2003, however, Hispanic employment grew more than three times as fast as non-Hispanic employment – 3.0 percent versus 1.0 percent.

Still more startling is the widening gap between the two major employment surveys. About 483,000 jobs were created last month according to the household survey, or over four times the 112,000 new positions reported by the far more widely cited payroll survey.

Illegal aliens are the most plausible explanation for the disconnect. These stealth workers do not show up in the payroll survey for the simple reason that employers who admit to hiring them are subject to stiff penalties —at least in theory.

More Immigration Happy Talk From NYT [Joe Guzzardi] - 12/07/04

New York Times reporter Mireya Navarro's December 5th story "For Younger Latinas, a Shift to Smaller Families," painted a rosy but incomplete story about birthrates for Mexicans living in the U.S.

Like other New York Times journalists, Navarro cherry-picks her immigration information.

Navarro correctly reported that Hispanic fertility rates have declined from 2.9 children per family in the early 1990s to 2.7 in 2002.

But Navarro overlooked the data I cited in my August 13, 2004 VDARE.COM column "Savings for the Children; Losses for the Nation" —a sobering look at Hispanic teenage pregnancy. Included is the fact that 51% of Hispanic girls become pregnant before age 20.

And the question remains—not addressed in this or any other New York Times article— about why women who may illegally be in the US are having American citizen babies at taxpayer expense.

Since my first blog posting on November 21st regarding the New York Times pro-immigration bias, it has published four other prominently placed stories subtly (and not so subtly) praising immigration.

Good going!

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