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Untypical Immigration in the WSJ [James Fulford]- 11/26/04

Rupert Murdoch has a paean to immigration in the latest OpinionJournal. He talks about himself, B. C. Forbes, and some outstanding immigrants in the Marine Corps.

As far as the examples of himself and Forbes are concerned, we at VDARE.COM wish to offer a (qualified) approval of white male Anglospheric conservative commentariat immigrants. (Especially in the financial journalism sector.)

This kind of immigration is what made America great—look at a Tom Paine, for example.

And more realistically, this kind of immigration is what made America.

But multi-millionaire media moguls are not who's traipsing across the borders, and taking jobs Americans used to have.

As for the argument that legal and illegal immigrants can enrich the Armed Forces, see Legions, which I wrote just before 9/11, or see here and here.

Sale of the Century [Randall Burns]- 11/26/04

The liquidation of American assets has accelerated rather dramatically during the presidency of George W Bush [Rapid increase in foreign liabilities threatens U.S. recovery.

What this graph doesn't take into account is that during this period, mass legal and illegal immigration has also diluted the wealth available to US citizens. The reality is far worse.

Signs That We're Catching On [James Fulford]- 11/26/04

3 Illegal Immigration Myths, from Right Wing News.

Myth #1) There's no way to get rid of the 8-12 illegal aliens who are already here so we might as well give them some sort of legal status:

Myth #2) If we actually got rid of the illegal aliens who are here, the economy would take a major hit:

Myth #3) Our borders are just too vast to be properly guarded so there's no way we can stop illegals from pouring in.

Fore the answers, you need to read the whole thing. And check this out: Immigration: a moral issue, Washington Times, Nov 18, 2004, by Ian de Silva:

Amnesty for illegal aliens was a bad idea then, and it is a worse idea now. Those of us who voted for conservative values did not go to the polls because we had nothing to do that Tuesday. We went to the polls because we believed that conservatism was better for America than the moral miasma that liberals were promising. For elected conservatives to turn around and encourage illegal immigration will be an unconscionable perfidy of the trust that so many voters placed in them.

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