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NYT, the Pope, and Open Borders [Joe Guzzardi]- 04/04/05

The New York Times managed to do the nearly impossible: link the Pope John Paul II's death with its own unbending commitment  to worldwide open borders.

Monday's front page, above the fold item: "Immigrants in Rome Tell of Close Bond."

Although I appreciate the Pope's vigorous stance against Communism, I am one of his leading detractors. High on my list of reasons for not embracing the Pope is his nearly fanatical position on immigration.

The Pope's 2002 speech delivered on the "Day of Migrants and Refugees" titled "To Overcome Racism, Xenophobia and Exaggerated Nationalism" says it all.

Are Cheap Labor Corporations a Sound Investment? [Randall Burns]- 04/04/05

Just as high levels of immigration tend to be associated with economic deterioration of states,  we have seen that  companies like Enron and Worldcom were dependent on H-1b visas.

It turns out that American International Group was one of the first companies to be subject to scrutiny in the press for reasons of its abuse of H-1b visas.[H1-B safety net fails IT workers By Stephanie Neil, PC Week, November 18, 1998]

One woman who was interviewed for the article above, has sent this letter to several major publications. Most of them won't of course publish this story-but here at VDARE.com  we can:

"So Hank Greenberg, CEO of American International Group, Inc. (AIG), finally got his. He abruptly resigned amid a missing document scandal, thanks to New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

I've prayed for this day. I worked for years at AIG. Greenberg led the meanest management team anywhere. Yelling and emotional abuse seemed standard communication. AIG set the gold standard in 1994 by permanently laying off their U.S technology workers, forcing them to train their foreign replacements. AIG was the company cited by then Labor Secretary Robert Reich in testimony to Congress on abuse of the H-1B visa by greedy companies. AIG boasted it saved $11 million dollars, as the lives of those who built the computer systems were ruined. AIG's profits were soaring, yet they squeezed the last drop of blood out of their loyal employees."

This episode once again raises the important question: Is it really prudent to invest in companies that depend on loose immigration regulations for viability? Establishment cheerleaders would like you to believe that Open Borders promotes economic development. Is it possible that instead what Open Borders does is prop up economic leaders who simply can't function under the types of rules necessary for significant increases in productivity?

John Dos Passos on the Mexican Revolution [Thomas Allen]- 04/04/05

Literary icon John Dos Passos, describing the democratic reforms that swept the Americas after the turn of the century, wrote

"the reforms took legal shape [in the U.S.] according to the ancient traditions of Anglo-Saxon comity; but in Mexico the young men who trooped out of the mountain cornfields and the dry maguey plantations and the irrigated sugarcane to make a revolution found themselves slaves of the only social formation they knew outside the communal village and the hacienda: the robber band under the chieftain who enforced his will with a gun." Mr. Wilson's War, 1962, Doubleday
pge 88

Amazing to think that as late as the mid-sixties language like this was still allowed even among left-leaning intelligentsia.[VDARE.COM NOTE: By 1962 Dos Passos was no longer left-leaning. He had "heard the screams."] Even more amazing to think we have a President who has anathematized the "traditions of Anglo-Saxon comity" as "vigilantism" and seems to welcome the new "social formation" which will inevitably result from his policies.

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