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AZ Official Chooses Aliens Over Americans [D.A. King ] - 02/27/05

In Tombstone, Arizona, Cochise county officials are considering utilizing zoning codes to attempt to stop a group of citizens from all over the U.S. who plan to gather there for the purpose of calling attention to the consequences of the open borders of the Bush White House.

Interesting that the Arizona Republic reports[ 'Minutemen' may face zoning hurdle, Feb 25]  that a Cochise county Arizona supervisor, Paul Newman, wants to "regulate" the planned gathering of fed up American patriots with the comment that local government needs to "minimize the potential for violence and property damage"...and but "I do feel that the county has an obligation to take preventive action that can minimize the potential for violence and property damage that a large gathering of armed individuals..."

Angry citizen to Mr. Newman ...when do you begin to use the law to end the invasion of your county,  the resulting violence and property damage by the 4000 illegal aliens  who illegally cross  from the Arizona borders from Mexico every day?

Let me see if I have Newman figured out here -Influx of Americans trying to save their nation— bad? Invasion by Mexico—good?

Pick a side County Supervisor Newman. The President already has.

From here in Marietta, we will follow the next Cochise county Arizona Supervisor election with interest.


Guarding the Border, For Real [James Fulford] - 02/27/05

Clayton Cramer has a post on the border security problem, pointing to his earlier post, which pictures, science-fiction style, what might happen if the United States got serious about illegal immigration. Thirty Years On: A History of the National Border Security Act of 2005. The whole thing is an answer to the folks who say that the border can't be guarded.

Is it already too late? [Randall Burns] - 02/27/05

 …for the traditional "conservative" alliance of the rich and middle class? The rich simply couldn't restrain themselves from profiting from Open Borders.

What that means is that right now, if it weren't for intense gerrymandering there would be 20-40 additional Congressmen similar to Dennis Kucinich and Peter Defazio.

Now, from a standpoint of the National Question, there is a big difference between Peter Defazio and Liberals like, say, Teddy Kennedy.

I tend to think the Dems are even more out of line with what their membership wants than the GOP is—but because of the nature of the Dem. party rules it is much more likely we can get more Peter Defazios than more Tom Tancredos. 

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