VDARE.com: 02/15/05 - Blog Articles
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Why do we need this? [Peter Brimelow] - 02/15/05

Muslims living in Britain who convert to Christianity are being harassed, attacked and sometimes even killed by other Muslims. [Muslim apostates cast out and at risk from faith and family by Anthony Browne The Times February 5th 2005]. Browne (who has contributed some excellent material to VDARE.COM) reports all too plausibly that the U.K. authorities are anxious to ignore the problem.

In America, Stephen Steinlight has suggested that Islamic immigration is dangerous for the Jews. Muslim propensity to murder for political reasons is all too well known. Now here is another form of violence – inevitable, since conversions in both directions always occur when two faiths live together in even modest freedom.

Why does America need to import this problem?

Guzzardi on Free Republic [Joe Guzzardi] - 02/15/05

Shortly after VDARE.COM was officially banned from Free Republic  in 2001, I made several efforts to contact Jim Robinson both directly and through an intermediary that he knows and respects.

Robinson lives in Fresno about 100 miles south of my home in Lodi. I offered to drive down to discuss face to face—as mature adults frequently do—whatever objections he may have to VDARE.COM.

VDARE is, after all, a group of some thirty odd editors and writers. We cannot possibly all be offensive to Robinson. Certainly, I hoped, Robinson and I could find some common ground.

But alas, I received no response from Robinson to my multiple messages. Apparently Robinson is not at all mature – or courteous - when the subject is immigration.

In response to heavy fire for his censorship of immigration critics, Robinson wrote, "Final note: I do NOT support open borders or illegal immigration. Sincerely doubt there are many on this forum who do."

To me though, stifling open and honest criticism of one of America's most pressing social problems clearly lends support to the open borders crowd which is led by Robinson's hero, George W. Bush.  "By their fruits ye shall know them", as someone said.

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