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A Victory In Georgia [D.A. King] - 02/13/05

Until Thursday afternoon, the Georgia Department of Labor office in the rural south Georgia town of Valdosta was to be the location of the Mexican government's most recent attempt to "document" as many Mexican illegal aliens as could be processed for the infamous  Matricula Consular ID on a winter Saturday.

The Mexican consulate in Atlanta sent out an announcement [Click here for larger view] to its citizens here in Georgia, inviting them to meet the Mexican Mobile Consulate at the state offices on Saturday, February 12, 2005. Hundreds were expected to line up before dawn.

I personally made the Atlanta Journal Constitution aware of the coming event, as I did CNN.

Don't bother trying to find the story on either, as apparently the intended violation of federal law is not news—even when it involves aiding and assisting illegal aliens in state offices. (One AJC writer told me it was nothing unusual and not news because "it happens every day".)

Estuardo Rodas, a Georgia Department of Labor employee, and Israel Cortez, a member of the Georgia Governor's "Commission for a New Georgia", worked diligently with two Valdosta "empowerment" groups to arrange the event with the Mexican government here.

But all it took to get the meeting cancelled was for citizens to speak up.

The Georgia governor's office and Michael Thurmond, the [elected] Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Labor, now deny any knowledge or association with the planned crime.

Yay us!

More On Wall Street Journal concession. [Peter Brimelow] - 02/13/05

H. Abramyan has now put the entire WSJ article exposing the wage impact of immigration in Arkansas on the Berkeley blog Res Ipsa Loquitur, after David Orland's noted my comment there. H. also adds a tart remark on an immigration-themed political science course he's in—"my instructor…has been attempting to downplay the negative effects of immigration (legal and illegal)"—and links to an Orland RIL posting last year, which is a succinct a statement of the immigration reform argument as I have seen. David has, of course, done some fine work for VDARE.COM.

Thanks, gentlemen

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