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Agent X Reports From The Arizona Border [D.A. King] - 01/17/05

Sometimes the mail does the writing for us. Here is an unedited letter from an Arizona [Tucson sector] U.S. Border Patrol Agent  I call him "Agent X" as I have promised him anonymity.

"Good job on the poll. I think you should also know that we are receiving increasing intelligence concerning radical Muslim Middle-Eastern terrorists intentions to enter the United States illegally through the southern land border areas. Disguised as Mexicans and speaking Spanish. Intel has it that the major Mexican smuggling operations have been contacted and are making arrangements to accommodate Al Qaida, who already have members living in Mexico."

 "We should be more than very concerned!"

Agent X is one of the few brave Americans who try to keep illegal aliens, from all over the world, from crossing the Sonoran desert and "making it to the pavement"—street slang reflecting the Bush Administration's virtually complete abandonment of interior enforcement.

Two Versions Of Cesar Chavez's Fight Against Cheap Foreign Labor [James Fulford] - 01/17/05

Library of Congress version

In 1969, the UFW organized a march through the Coachella and Imperial Valleys in Central California to the United States-Mexico border to protest growers' use of illegal immigrants as strike breakers.

Senator Barbara Boxer (D.-CA)'s version

Chavez organized a march from the Coachella and Imperial Valleys to the United States-Mexico border to protest the use of undocumented immigrants from Mexico as strike breakers.

VDARE.COM emphasis…of course.

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